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Consumer Tradeshows take meticulous planning, intensive financial oversight to stay within budgets, stupendous customer service, and attention to detail at all times. In addition to all these elements, its takes creative insight to stay on the cutting edge.
Trade Show Conference

Planning and Support

Tradeshows have come a long way, and the bar is extremely high on customer expectations & experience. In order to be competitive in todays field, you will need to find a management team that understands what is expected and can delivery a seamless event. We are your one stop to ensure your customers have the best experience possible.

Trade Show Hosting


Quality Vendor Management and layout is critical to any tradeshow. You need a team dedicated to making sure your vendors experience is seamless to ensure future business. The Hammack Group not only offers vendor registration services, but also layouts built around your specific event. Contact us today to learn how we can take the daunting but important task off your hands so you can focus on other areas of your event!

Office Conference

Ticketing and Registration

How are your guests buying tickets for your event? If its free to attend, are you capturing information to market to them next year? What type of information do you need to grow your event? Do people have to leave your website to buy tickets? These are all extremely important factors to consider when deciding on how to ticket an event. Luckily for you, The Hammack Group can help you with all this and more.

Key Speaker

Production and Design

Every Tradeshow needs its own unique elements to incorporate into each event to make it stand out. Digital Media, Print Advertisements, Banners, Experiential Marketing Items, Websites, and Branded Giveaways are just a few of the ways to engage your customers. Let The Hammack Group's creative team help you get your personal message to customers and make your event stand out even more!

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