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Festivals and Concerts

The logistics and execution of a festival or concert can be mindboggling. Converting a space into an area that can accommodate thousands or tens of thousands attendees in during a short amount of time takes experienced planning and a team dedicated to executing the event. Don't let the small pieces fall through the cracks, hire a management company that knows how to get the job done.
Cheering Crowd at Concert

Event Planning

The Hammack Group has been planning major events for over three decades. The experience gained allows us to make sure your event is seamless from when the first attendee arrives until the last car leaves the parking lot. Site layouts, permits, staffing, and regulatory compliance are just a piece of what the Hammack Group does and will do for your event. Let us do the planning while you focus on the promoting!

Truck Bed Guitar Session

Ticketing and Attendees

The backbone of festivals and concerts is obviously who comes. This is critical for accounting as well as discussions with sponsors, future marketing plans, where the event is going and how you can get there. What information are you gathering? Is it enough? This is why ticketing is so important. Let us help you develop a ticking plan to make sure your event succeeds for years to come. We make ticketing easy for you and your guests!

Girls at Music Festival


We have staff ready to handle any or all of your event execution needs. Registration coordination, front gate management, talent liaison, and more. We have the experienced staff to make sure your event is run to the level you and your customers expect and demand. 

stage equipment for a concert.jpg

Equipment Rentals 

Most events revolve around the rentals they need. Obtaining the right equipment for the right price is not easy. Aside from renting equipment for events, The Hammack Group's inhouse rental expert has all managed rental businesses. Find out if your getting the best deal and the right equipment for your event. This is why our team is the best at what we do and the best choice for your event!

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