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Aviation Events

Aviation events are where the Hammack Group began and are still one of the primary focusses of our business. Aviation events are some of the most complicated events produced and take a management team that understands the complexities and difficulties associated with them.
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Planning and Execution Services

The Hammack Group offers the industries best expertise in planning and getting ready for your event. We are your all inclusive partner for site layouts, permitting experts, in-house ticketing options, custom websites, complete planning, and more. Contact us today to learn how we can help your event!

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Airshow Feasibility

Will your airport or venue accommodate an airshow? The Hammack Group provides detailed feasibility studies to determine what will and won't work right from the start, helping you make more informed decisions.

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On-Site Management 

Airshows have a lot of moving parts. No matter how well planned, having an onsite management team that is experienced and understands how these parts are connected is critical. The Hammack Group has been making these type of critical decisions for years. Whether its a single day with a few thousand or a hundred thousand, our team has done it.

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Equipment Rentals and Procurements

Airshows require more than your standard event as far as rental equipment. Aside from tents, tables, and chairs, airshows require military support gear, heavy equipment, and more. The Hammack Group can streamline this process and ensure everything you need is delivered and picked up on time to ensure minimum impact to the airport.

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